Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse and Excellent Faculty



In Fall 2004, the provost convened a group of faculty and administrators to attend the Keeping our Faculties of Color Conference III in Minneapolis. The group (convened as a “Diversity Leadership Team” at the conference) was awarded a grant from the University of Minnesota to intensify efforts on campus to recruit and retain faculty of color. An administrative intern in the Office of the Provost coordinated efforts in recruitment and retention in Fall 2005. Efforts include creation of a handbook for faculty hiring, training sessions for department chairs, revision of university Web pages on diversity, and a review of the university’s mentoring system, among other initiatives. While much of this effort is in coordination with the university’s plan for equity, community and diversity, this group has offered guidance for the key goal of diversifying Iowa State faculty. This session will explain why a diverse faculty at Iowa State makes sense and discuss strategies for taking action.


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