Mosaics of Expression: Diversity of the Arts in Higher Education



This presentation will focus on the present status of multicultural representation in three areas of the arts in higher education—student/ faculty of color recruitment, curriculum, and events/activities programming. While many state colleges and universities have overlooked the importance of multiculturalism in fine arts, music, and theater, we will concentrate on two model universities that have successfully implemented ethnic and racial diversity into their arts departments. We will observe the past artistic atmosphere of these universities and what caused them to adopt their current practice of cultural inclusiveness, particularly in their instruction and activities, in art, music, and theater. Components of a short-range strategic plan working toward diversity within the artistic programs at Iowa State will be introduced.


How to Cite: Greene, T. (2006) “Mosaics of Expression: Diversity of the Arts in Higher Education”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 7(1).