Western Research and Demonstration Farm

Mosquito Surveillance

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As blood-sucking insects, mosquitoes are particularly important to human health. They not only are annoying pests but also are capable of transmitting debilitating or lethal pathogens, mostly viruses, to humans. In order to assess the threat posed by mosquitoes to humans in the state of Iowa, the Iowa State University (ISU) Medical Entomology Laboratory has conducted a surveillance program designed to monitor mosquito populations and mosquito-borne viruses in Iowa for the last 40 years. In 2007, three research farms administered by the ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Horticulture Station, Ames; McNay Farm, Chariton; and Western Farm, Castana) participated in our surveillance program, and this report summarizes their surveillance efforts.

Keywords: Entomology

How to Cite: Dunphy, B. M. , Tucker, B. & Bartholomay, L. C. (2008) “Mosquito Surveillance”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2007(1).