Agricultural Engineering/Agronomy, Central Iowa, and BioCentury Research Farms

Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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The mission of the Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) Project is to effectively increase the diversity of U.S. maize germplasm utilized by producers, global end-users, and consumers. The mission will be achieved through a collaborative effort between USDA-ARS and both public and private research scientists by utilizing exotic, public, and proprietary maize germplasm. The resulting germplasm and associated knowledge, derived via the identification and incorporation offavorable allelesfor prioritized traitsfrom exotic sources, is utilized in private and public breeding programs and ultimately contributesto increased genetic diversity of maize grown by producers and improved product performance. In addition, the GEM project provides opportunities fortraining plantscientistsin the enhancement and utilization of un-adapted germplasm. This contributes to the global sustainability of agricultural production, economic stability, and the nutrition and well-being of society.


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