Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

Wallace Foundation for Rural Research and Development President’s Report



The Wallace Foundation has made great strides over the years in terms of acquiring three research farms, constructing the Learning and Outreach Center on the Armstrong farm, and helping guide the research activities noted in this report and many previous reports. The Wallace Foundation has sponsored and hosted a wide variety of educational and training programs in cooperation with Iowa State University Extension and various other organizations, and initiated a value-added ag entrepreneur and innovation program constructed with funds provided by the Iowa Farm Bureau. We have a long history of working well with other ag organizations and business groups in southwest Iowa and continue to believe it is one of the key factors in being able to accomplish the goals and aspirations stated by the Board in our 2001 Annual Progress Report.


How to Cite: Morgan, D. (2003) “Wallace Foundation for Rural Research and Development President’s Report”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2002(1).