McNay Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

2000 Year at McNay Research Farm



The weather in early 2000 was some of the warmest and driest on record. Mild dry weather in March allowed early oat planting in excellent seed beds. Continued warm dry weather allowed corn and soybean planting to be completed the earliest in my 23 years at McNay. The dry weather ended in June. Hay not cut in May was very difficult to get mowed and dried, without being rained on at least once. Rainfall and weather patterns produced conditions ideal for insects and some fungal diseases. With these challenges, corn yields were variable (90-160 bu/acre) but averaged 127.5 bu/acre. Early planted soybeans yielded better than later plantings. Our average soybean yield was 42 bu/acre. Last year I thought the dry corn coming out of the field was a once in lifetime thing, but with early planting and a warm dry fall, dry corn was harvested again in 2000.


How to Cite: Secor, L. J. (2001) “2000 Year at McNay Research Farm”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2000(1).