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Seasonal and Rotational Influences on Corn Nitrogen Requirements

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This project is designed to study the N fertilization needs of continuous corn (C-C) and corn rotated with soybeans (C-S) as influenced by location and climate. Multiple rates of fertilizer N are spring applied, with the intent to measure yield response to N within each rotation on a yearly basis for multiple years at multiple sites across Iowa. This will help determine N requirements for each rotational practice, differences that exist between the two rotations, and responses to applied N across different soils and different climatic conditions. It will also allow for the evaluation of tools used to adjust N application.

Keywords: Agronomy

How to Cite: Sawyer, J. E. & Barker, D. W. (2003) “Seasonal and Rotational Influences on Corn Nitrogen Requirements”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2002(1).