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Low-Input Sustainable Turfgrass: A Regional Cooperative Research Project

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rrigation, fertilization, and application of pesticides are needed to maintain healthy turfgrass. Due to dwindling water resources and increased environmental concerns over the use of fertilizers and pesticides on turfgrass, there is an increasing need to minimize the inputs to maintaining them. Most of the turfgrass species that are currently in use require a relatively high level of input to maintain acceptable turf quality; however, efforts to develop turfgrass cultivars with enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance can lead to reduced irrigation and fewer chemical applications. An alternative approach to this problem is to search and find existing grass species that require minimum input yet can maintain acceptable turf quality. Indeed, great genetic variability of drought resistance, nitrogen needs, disease or insect resistance exists among different grass species.

Keywords: Horticulture

How to Cite: Fei, S. , Blume, C. , Minner, D. D. & Christians, N. E. (2006) “Low-Input Sustainable Turfgrass: A Regional Cooperative Research Project”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2005(1).