Horticulture Research Station

ISU Student Organic Farm* – 2007 Field Season



We began our growing season on two benches in an unsprayed portion of the Horticulture Hall greenhouses on campus. We had two “planting parties” during which the Student Organic Farm (SOF) members planted many varieties of vegetable seeds in flats. In the future, we must be more diligent about instructing overzealous planters as to which seed varieties need which cell sizes (we had some squash seeds growing in very cramped conditions). Since most commercial planting media contains a wetting agent, we started seeds in a planting medium of our own design. It was mixed on site and consisted of one part peat moss, one part perlite, one part composted manure, and several pounds of bone meal per 15 gallon batch. We moved flats of transplants to a shade house at the Horticulture Research Station for hardening-off.


How to Cite: Larson, A. (2008) “ISU Student Organic Farm* – 2007 Field Season”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2007(1).