McNay Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

Third Grade Field Day



The McNay Research Farm in southern Iowa has been underutilized by the public as a source of information, especially in the area of horticulture and youth education. In addition, there was an increasing need area wide for elementary education in the subject of diversity. An initial brainstorming session with McNay staff and local Master Gardeners looked at these issues and developed a plan for four ethnic gardens. The purpose of the project was to: 1) Develop and foster an awareness of cultural differences in foods within our country, 2) Create an understanding of farming practices in the areas of horticulture, crops, and livestock production, and 3) Increase the level of knowledge in respect to the food guide pyramid.


How to Cite: Delaney, S. (2001) “Third Grade Field Day”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2000(1).