Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

2002 Leopold Grape Cultivar by Management System Trial

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Iowa has experienced a tremendous increase in commercial grape plantings in recent years, and the interest in establishing additional plantings continues to increase. However, as new plantings are planned, new cultivars can only be recommended with reservation until they are thoroughly tested under Iowa’s climatic conditions. Through a grant from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, a grape cultivar by management system trial was established in 2002 at the ISU Horticulture Research Station (Hort Station), and at the ISU Armstrong Research and Demonstration (Armstrong) Farm.

Keywords: Horticulture

How to Cite: Domoto, P. A. & Nonnecke, G. R. (2003) “2002 Leopold Grape Cultivar by Management System Trial”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2002(1).