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Trapping and Other Strategies for Control of Cucumber Beetle in Muskmelon

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Spotted and striped cucumber beetles (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi and Acalymma vittata) that vector a bacteria that causes bacterial wilt in cucurbits are the major pest in Iowa muskmelon fields. Growers currently spray insecticides to control these insects on a one- to two-week preventive schedule. Use of large amounts of chemical can be expensive and damaging to beneficial pollinators and the environment. We investigated the success of the prototype Trece trap-and-bait system—soon to be Organic Materials Review Institute approved— in controlling these beetles. The traps chemically lure beetles to insecticide-treated baits inside the traps, placed some distance away from the muskmelon crop. We also tested three other management methods in combination with the traps: Reemay® row covers, slitted row covers, and transplants treated with BioYield® (rhizobacterial) potting soil.

Keywords: Plant Pathology

How to Cite: Gleason, M. L. & Helland, S. J. (2002) “Trapping and Other Strategies for Control of Cucumber Beetle in Muskmelon”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2001(1).