Muscatine Island Research and Demonstration Farm

Sweet Corn Cultivar Trial



The 2005 sweet corn cultivar trial was conducted to identify superior cultivars with high-quality bicolored ears for local marketing or short-distance shipping. Nineteen sugar-enhanced (se)/synergistic hybrids and fifteen supersweet (sh2) hybrids were planted in a replicated trial at the Muscatine Island Research Farm on April 20, 2005 (Table 1). The fairly early spring planting date was selected so seedling vigor ratings could be taken under cool, less than ideal growing conditions. However, spring weather can be unpredictable and soil temperatures ranged from 53 to 60o F after planting, allowing most cultivars to germinate and emerge. Then unexpected cold weather followed in early May, probably accentuating seedling growth differences and allowing vigor ratings to be taken on May 25 (Table 2). It was surprising how vigorous several of the supersweet cultivars looked since these types are recommended for planting in warm soils only. This might be explained by two favorable events: 1) warm soils after planting that allowed quick germination, and 2) soils that were relatively dry when cold weather occurred, helping to keep seedlings healthy.


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