Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

On-Farm Corn and Soybean Planter Demonstration Trials

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Corn and soybean planting is one of the most critical operations of the season. Operating the planter with the proper soil conditions for proper placement of the seed to obtain the correct seed-soil contact is important to optimize yields and reduce problems later in the season with plant and root growth. As corn and soybean seed prices continue to rise, and grain prices fall, it is important for farmers to find a population that maximizes both yield and profit. Planting too high of a corn population can result in increased barrenness and thus lower yields, but too low of a population also can result in lower yields. Past studies have indicated soybean yields are similar across a wide range of populations, but too low of a population can result in reduced yields and too high of a population can reduce profits. Timely planting also is important for optimum yields. The objective of these trials was to investigate the effect of various planter operations on corn and soybean yield.


How to Cite: Fawcett, J. , Weaver, A. , Rogers, J. , Rossiter, L. , Beedle, C. , Schndeider, C. & Mitchell, T. (2019) “On-Farm Corn and Soybean Planter Demonstration Trials”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2018(1).