Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm

Nitrogen Fertilization for Continuous Corn and Corn-Soybean Crop Rotations

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In Iowa, nitrogen is often one of the most limiting nutrients to grain yield. For corn, nitrogen uptake is primarily from mineralized soil organic matter and applied fertilizer. Variability of soil supplied nitrogen leads to uncertainty of the amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed to meet crop demand. Historically nitrogen fertilizer has been relatively cheap compared to grain prices, however current markets are increasingly volatile, and over/under application can reduce profit. The objective of this report was to quantify the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR) from Iowa’s Northeast crop reporting district per continuous corn and corn following corn crop rotations.


How to Cite: Baum, M. & Archontoulis, S. (2023) “Nitrogen Fertilization for Continuous Corn and Corn-Soybean Crop Rotations”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2022(5).