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Spring High Tunnel Lettuce Production in Iowa

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High tunnels are tools in Iowa that allow growers to plant earlier in the spring. Planting earlier expands the growers’ season and permits a competitive advantage in the market. Crops grown in high tunnels are protected from the adverse weather conditions, allowing for higher quality and yield. Specialty crop growers have expressed interest in better understanding the high tunnel cropping system with a broader array of crop options. Lettuce is a high-value crop that has gained traction due to an increase in local market demand. Growers who would like to meet this demand have shared in needs assessments a desire to have more research-based information on types of high-quality and profitable lettuce cultivars in Iowa. This trial aimed to target the questions growers have about what types of lettuce to grow and how to manage them in a high tunnel system.


How to Cite: Perry, R. , Nair, A. , Howell, N. & Carpenter, B. H. (2022) “Spring High Tunnel Lettuce Production in Iowa”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2021(1).