Agricultural Engineering/Agronomy, Central Iowa, and BioCentury Research Farms

Sorghum Breeding Program for Biofuel Production

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The Iowa State sorghum breeding program was initiated in 2009 with the ultimate goal of developing germplasm adapted to the Midwest for the production of biomass as lignocellulosic feedstock. The development of parental lines to create photoperiod sensitive (PS) hybrids was prioritized to maximize biomass yield and improve lodging resistance. In 2019, the pollen parent lines IA100RPS and IA101RPS were released as elite inbreds that generate superior hybrids with high biomass yield and excellent standability. Current experimental hybrids from the Iowa State sorghum breeding program are compared with commercially available sorghums and those derived from the elite lines IA100RPS and IA101RPS.


How to Cite: Salas Fernandez, M. G. & Kemp, J. (2022) “Sorghum Breeding Program for Biofuel Production”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2021(1).