McNay Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

Evaluating Cover Crops and Summer Annual Forages for Beef Cattle (Year 2)

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Annual forages can provide flexibility when managing forage supply by helping fill forage production gaps or serving as primary forage sources. The use of annual species for forage production can potentially help producers stretch feed supplies, extend grazing seasons, increase carrying capacity, and facilitate expansion. Annual forages can be incorporated into cropping systems as winter cover crops or as alternative crops planted during the growing season. Greater knowledge of potential yield and nutritional value of annual forage species will empower producers to make informed decisions about the use of annual forages. Additionally, demonstration of annual forage rotations may provide information regarding the overall sustainability of this alternative land use.


How to Cite: Clark, C. A. , Lundy, E. L. , Wall, P. B. , Saeugling, R. A. , Vittetoe, R. , Wallace, L. , Evans, B. & Thompson, G. (2020) “Evaluating Cover Crops and Summer Annual Forages for Beef Cattle (Year 2)”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2020(1).