Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm

Oat and Cereal Rye Variety Trials

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Careful management and proper variety selection can make oats profitable in crop rotations due to their low input requirements and beneficial effects on succeeding crops. When grown as a cash crop, oats can be marketed for cover crop seed, grain, straw, forage, hay or haylage. Their mid-summer harvest allows for a myriad of field management options for the remainder of the season, such as mid-season manure application or the establishment of a perennial forage crop. Practical Farmers of Iowa has been collaborating with Iowa State University Research Farms to trial small grain varieties since 2015. This past year, oats and cereal rye were trialed at the Armstrong and Neely-Kinyon Memorial Research and Demonstration Farms. This was the second year oats were trialed, and the first year cereal rye was trialed in this location.


How to Cite: English, L. , Gailans, S. & Breach, R. J. (2022) “Oat and Cereal Rye Variety Trials”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2021(1).