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Evaluation of Humic Fertilizers on Kentucky Bluegrass Soil Health

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Improving soil health has gained popularity over recent years. Humic substances are organic compounds that have been shown to improve nutrient availability for plant absorption, increase soil water holding capacity, and increase cation exchange capacity of soils. There are many claims of the benefits of humic products on turfgrass, which include a better-developed root system, improved stress tolerances, increased nutrient uptake and efficiency, improved soil structure, and increased effectiveness of fertilizers. However, minimal research has been conducted to substantiate these claims. The objective of this study is to evaluate soil health parameters of a native soil turfgrass fertilized with humic substances. This is part of the first year of a two-year study.


How to Cite: Lindsey, A. , Thoms, A. & Christians, N. E. (2020) “Evaluation of Humic Fertilizers on Kentucky Bluegrass Soil Health”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2019(1).