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Breeding and Selection of Redbuds (Cercis sp.) for Northern Climates

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Attractive trees and shrubs beautify our landscapes, benefit the environment, and improve our overall quality of life. However, Minnesota's rigorous climate presents a formidable challenge to the growth and survival of many desirable landscape plant species. The Woody Landscape Plant Breeding and Genetics program at the University of Minnesota was formally initiated in 1954 to breed trees and shrubs capable of withstanding Minnesota's harsh climate. Since that time, the program has been responsible for the release of 46 cold hardy woody landscape plants.


How to Cite: McNamara, S. , Hokanson, S. & Graves, W. (2020) “Breeding and Selection of Redbuds (Cercis sp.) for Northern Climates”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2019(1).