Northern Research and Demonstration Farm

On-Farm Corn and Soybean Management Demonstration Trials

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Farmers are faced with many decisions in managing corn and soybean as new technologies are introduced, such as new corn and soybean varieties, new pesticides, and new seed treatments. It also is important for farmers to harvest crops in a timely fashion to maximize yields. Corn rootworm is a persistent and economically important pest in Iowa. Rotating corn with soybean usually manages the pest, although rotation-resistant populations have occurred in some locations. As problems with corn rootworm resistance to Bt corn continue to be found in Iowa, it is important to research methods to manage this pest. The objective of these trials was to investigate what effect various corn and soybean management practices would have on grain yield.


How to Cite: Fawcett, J. , Weaver, A. , Rogers, J. & Zwiefel, B. (2020) “On-Farm Corn and Soybean Management Demonstration Trials”, Iowa State University Research and Demonstration Farms Progress Reports. 2019(1).