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Archives and Archivists 2. Edited by Ailsa C. Holland and Elizabeth Mullins. [Review]



The 2013 work Archives and Archivists 2 is proof that a successful project breeds success. Archives and Archivists, published in 2006, marked the 30th anniversary of University College of Dublin’s archival and records management programs. This equally important sequel sets out to highlight research by the program’s postgraduates and, according to the editors Ailsa C. Holland and Elizabeth Mullins, “Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for new practitioners in archives and records management to continue engaging with the research they began during their studies and to provide a platform on which they can publish” (p. 7). Functionally, the book is broken into three sections: postmodernism, perceptions and memory, and advocacy and user perspectives. It features 13 authors whose postgraduate experiences are fairly diverse, but all of whom have capitalized on their education to find employment in cultural humanities or cultural history fields, predominantly in Ireland. Indeed, it will come as no surprise to the reader that the case studies and subject focus of the latter two sections of the book—perceptions and memory, advocacy—center almost entirely on the Irish experience from the perspective of archivists and archives users as well as the laws and cultural institutions that govern archival practice in Ireland.


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