Update from Animal Science Teaching Section



The career market for animal science graduates is excellent, though farm-gate prices and the Iowa economy have been less than ideal. The economic situation in Iowa has had a significant impact on enrollment in animal science, but little change has been reflected in total job availability due to the diversity of educational paths for animal science students. Placement rate is exceptionally high and average starting salary for animal science graduates continues to increase.

The composition of the animal science undergraduate population has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Currently, approximately 70 percent of the students are women and 48 percent of students did not grow up on a farm or ranch. The department has responded to the differing backgrounds and experiences of this diverse student population. New courses have been added and some existing courses have been restructured to meet changing needs and interests. The ultimate goal is to bring all students to a comparable level of knowledge for job entry and career success.

Keywords: ASL R1793

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