Management Economics

Cost of Pork Production with Nonsubtherapeutic Use of Antibiotics

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This report has shown that it costs more to produce pork through the nonuse of subtherapeutic antibiotics than through the subtherapeutic use of antibiotics. The report shows that there is a cost increase of $2.16 per hundredweight ($5.39 per pig) for the Nonsubtherapeutic system. It shows that there is an increase of non antibiotic feed costs ($.28), labor costs ($1.20), breeding herd costs ($.49), as well as fixed costs ($2.35). The item having the largest impact was the difference in pigs finished per sow. This impacted labor, fixed costs, and breeding herd costs, as well as a portion of the feed costs.

Keywords: ASL R1820

How to Cite: Larson, B. & Kliebenstein, J. B. (2003) “Cost of Pork Production with Nonsubtherapeutic Use of Antibiotics”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1).