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Encore® Implant Use in Feedlot Steers

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A feedlot demonstration utilizing Encore®, a new longterm implant product, was completed at the Allee Demonstration Farm at Newell, Iowa in 1999. Seventyone steers (697 lbs.) were allotted by weight and hide color and assigned to one of three treatments: 1) Encore® (43.9 mg estradiol = E) on day 0; 2) Encore® plus Component® TS (140 mg trenbolone acetate = ETS0) on day 0; or 3) Encore® on day 0 followed by Component® TS (ETS100) on day 100. Due to wide standard deviation in the weight of steers at the beginning of the demonstration, cattle were harvested in two groups. Approximately half of each treatment group was sorted by visual appraisal as to market readiness. Statistical interactions existed within treatment group between first and second harvest dates, therefore data were split and analyzed accordingly. In the first harvest group, ETS0 steers had higher marbling scores than ETS100 steers, and lower average daily gain than E steers and ETS100 steers. In the second harvest group, ETS0 steers had more fat at the 12th/13 rib than ETS100 steers, but did not differ from E steers. Marbling scores were also higher for ETS0 steers than either ETS100 or E steers in the second harvest group. Pooled data reveal that ETS0 steers had higher marbling scores than ETS100 steers and tended to have higher marbling scores than E steers. First harvest E and ETS100 steers had greater average daily gain than ETS0 steers. In the second harvest group, ETS0 steers had heavier final ending weights than E steers but did not differ from ETS100 steers. Final ending weights, rib eye area, fat thickness at the 12th/13th rib, KPH fat, and calculated yield grades did not differ among treatment groups in the pooled data.

Keywords: ASL R1729

How to Cite: Fike, G. D. , DeWitt, D. L. & Rossiter, L. (2001) “Encore® Implant Use in Feedlot Steers”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1).