Feedlot Nutrition

Value of High-Oil and High-Protein Corn Grains for Finishing Cattle



Three specialty corns, high oil, high protein and high oil with high protein, were compared with control corn in a 113-day steer feeding trial. During the first 63 days of the study, steers fed the corns containing more oil had slower gain and poorer feed conversion compared with the control corn. At the end of the trial there were no statistically significant differences in performance of steers fed the different corns. Steers fed the high protein corn tended to have higher grading carcasses compared with those fed the control corn. Otherwise there were no differences in carcass measurements due to source of corn fed the steers. Feed cost of gain was reduced with the high-protein corn and the corn with high fat and high protein compared with the control corn because of similar feed conversions and the reduced amount of soybean meal needed to supplement the specialty corns.

Keywords: ASL R1717

How to Cite: Trenkle, A. (2001) “Value of High-Oil and High-Protein Corn Grains for Finishing Cattle”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1).