Body Composition Evaluation

Prediction of Marbling Scores From Percentage Intramuscular Fat

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In this study two separate sets of data were used to develop prediction equations for Marbling Scores (MS) from actual percentage intramuscular fat. All regression parameters were significantly (P<.01) different from zero. Model-I explained only 49% of the variation in MS as compared with 83% for model- II. When these equations were validated on an independent data set, the correlations between the predicted and actual marbling scores were similar at 0.69 and 0.66 for model-I and model-II, respectively. Model-I has correctly classified 45.45%, 67.62%, 63.83%, and 42.86% of the bservations in trace, slight, small and modest classes, respectively. Model- II performed better than model-I for the extreme MS classes (practically devoid and moderate).

Keywords: ASL R1434

How to Cite: Hassen, A. , Izquierdo, M. M. , Rouse, G. H. , Wilson, D. E. & Willham, R. L. (1998) “Prediction of Marbling Scores From Percentage Intramuscular Fat”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1).