Antigen-Specific B Cell Responses of Vaccinated, Neonatal Calves

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The immune response of newborn calves to early vaccination is often variable and frequently characterized by marginal or nonexistent antibody responses. The B cell subpopulation of immune cells is pivotal in the production of antibody and has not been characterized completely in the newborn calf. Results from this research describe the composition and antigen-specific responses of B cell populations in preruminant calves vaccinated at an early age. Although preliminary, these data indicate that the responsiveness of B cell population in young calves is dependent on the nature of the vaccine and less on animal maturity. This research provides important new information regarding the immune responsiveness of the neonatal calf to vaccination.

Keywords: ASL R2300

How to Cite: Foote, M. R. , Nonnecke, B. J. , Beitz, D. C. & Waters, W. R. (2008) “Antigen-Specific B Cell Responses of Vaccinated, Neonatal Calves”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 5(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-989