Initial Results from a Survey of Iowa Corn Ethanol Plants

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A survey of Iowa ethanol plants was conducted to understand the production of animal feed coproducts from ethanol processing. Of interest is which coproducts are being produced, how the coproducts are being produced, coproduct composition, facility utility information, and challenges associated with coproduct manufacture. Specifically, the intent was to understand oil removal from distillers coproducts, and the impact of those processes on the concentration of oil in the distillers coproducts. We did not intend to determine variation in coproducts plant to plant or within a given plant over time.

Keywords: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

How to Cite: Richardson, B. A. , Euken, R. M. & Rosentrater, K. A. (2014) “Initial Results from a Survey of Iowa Corn Ethanol Plants”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 11(1). doi: