Perceptions and Usage of Communication Tools by Nebraska Cattle Producers

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Communication is an important aspect of agriculture. Beef producers have access to a number of communication tools. It is important to study beef producers perceptions and usage of communication tools so that beef industries can effectively communicate with beef producers. This study examines the perceptions regarding the importance and frequencies of communication tools used by beef producers. Results indicate that beef producers, specifically Nebraska Cattlemen board of directors, prefer print and electronic media sources over social media sources for both general and beef industry information. Since social media was the least important communication tool used in this study one could imply that the Nebraska board of directors has not yet formed and attitude toward social media. Further research is needed to determine if demographics play an important role in the uses of social media.

Keywords: Agricultural Education and Studies

How to Cite: Tweeten, J. F. & Paulsen, T. H. (2014) “Perceptions and Usage of Communication Tools by Nebraska Cattle Producers”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 11(1). doi: