Effect of Dietary Changes on Manure Nutrient Content and Value

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The design of the model is to evaluate a more comprehensive valuation swine feeding programs other than cost per ton of feed or cost per pound of gain. Ingredient supplies and value may be part of the a production system, but if that system depends upon more than pounds of pork out the door, and utilizes manure as a fertilizer input for crop production, then how the pigs are fed has consequences other than feed cost per pig or gain.

The model may be used to help identify the role of swine diet formulations in the determination of manure nutrient content and value. This is just one component within a crop to feed to fertilizer cycle, and there are other factors which may influence the nutrient concentrations in swine manure and manure samples need to be taken and analyzed prior to field application.


How to Cite: Swantek, P. M. , Stender, D. R. , Miller, T. G. & Storlie, M. (2014) “Effect of Dietary Changes on Manure Nutrient Content and Value”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 11(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-1215