Pregnancy rate in Angus heifers

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Reproductive records on 3144 Angus heifers were analyzed to determine the genetic basis of female fertility traits. The heritability of pregnancy rate was 0.13, with a range of estimated breeding values of –0.5563 to 0.7308 for sires of heifers. The heritability of first service conception rate was 0.03. The heritability and range of estimated breeding values for pregnancy rate indicate that, while lowly heritable, some improvement in fertility could be made by selecting on heifer pregnancy rate.

Keywords: ASL R1878

How to Cite: Minick, J. A. , Totir, L. R. , Wilson, D. E. & Fernando, R. L. (2004) “Pregnancy rate in Angus heifers”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 1(1). doi: