Tri-State Dairy Youth Expo Hones Judging & CommunicationSkills

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Tri-State Dairy Youth Expo has been a long standing program that has been in existence since the early 1980’s. A donation from the Iowa State Dairy Association allowed a group to develop the Iowa Dairy Expo, now known as Tri-State Dairy Youth Expo. It began in 1984 at the Waterloo Cattle Congress as a dairy cattle judging show with commercial exhibits and informational seminars targeted mainly at dairy producers. As dairy farms changed and Iowa saw a decrease in dairy farms, the dairy sale diminished andlocations changed from Waterloo to Dubuque to Decorah, and eventually to Calmar, Iowa. With the help of the Northeast Iowa Community College and Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, a youth program was created for students interested in the dairy industry. With support from the dairy industry and business community, Iowa State University and NICC, this program has continued to educate and test youth’s expertise in dairy cattle and dairy products judging contests. In 2016, 550 FFA students from 29 chapters in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin participated. This year’s contest included the District Dairy Cattle Judging, District Dairy Foods Judging, and District Soils Contest, as well as the Dairy Youth Expo.


How to Cite: Bentley, J. A. & Lenth, R. A. (2017) “Tri-State Dairy Youth Expo Hones Judging & CommunicationSkills”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 14(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-309