Understanding Feed Efficiency and Growth in Swine through Genetic Marker Studies

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Swine feed efficiency has become a concern of producers in recent years as feed prices have risen. Over the last decade, Iowa State University has been developing lines of pigs to research the causes and effects of genetic differences in feed efficiency. Over 700 of these animals were recently genotyped for over 60,000 markers across the genome to determine which regions of the genome play the biggest roles in impacting feed intake, growth, backfat, and efficiency. The goals of the project were to gain a better understanding of the biology behind these traits in order to suggest improved management practices and genetic selection techniques. Several significant genomic regions were identified for each trait.

Keywords: ASL R2645

How to Cite: Gorbach, D. M. , Cai, W. , Dekkers, J. C. , Young, J. & Rothschild, M. F. (2011) “Understanding Feed Efficiency and Growth in Swine through Genetic Marker Studies”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report. 8(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-638